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About OLTO-8 watches brand

About OLTO-8 watches

OLTO-8 is a watch company Founded in 2020. Engages in research and development of watch movements, design, development, production and sales of watch accessories and finished products. Our brand’s name, OLTO-8, is intimately related to the number “8”—which is how the number is pronounced in Italian and which is a symbol that also means infinity.

And the number "8" mean the perfect life works in 8-hour cycles: 8 hours of sleep, 8 hours of work, and 8 hours of entertainment. There’s a certain magic to the number 8, the number of infinity. That’s why we named this watch series after that concept—because these are carefully designed watches with special materials and different time-reading methods that reflect your uniqueness and constant pursuit for happiness and success while making the most of time.

OLTO-8 watches Design inspiration

Design inspiration

OLTO-8 watches are true industrial artworks that immediately catch the attention of any watch lover or any tasteful person, design is inspired by the dashboard of a racing car, with its 120-degree time-reading display. The big numbers from the top to the bottom are the minute and hour numbers, with a consecutive number arranged every 10° in order. In short, this is a watch design you wouldn’t find anywhere else.

OLTO-8 watches Design inspiration