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    News — Mechanical watch

    OLTO-8 INFINITY-Exclusive Design Watch for The Up-and-Coming

    Let’s face it: if you’re building a bright future, you know that time is the most valuable asset that you own. What you make of it is the most important decision in your life. That’s why you need the perfect mechanical watch that helps you keep track of time and how you use it—while reflecting the charisma you want your life to be infused with. That’s INFINITY by OLTO-8, the new series of mechanical watches that combine innovation with a fresh new watch design that makes this a timeless and extremely charismatic watch for you to own.

    The perfect life works in 8-hour cycles: 8 hours of sleep, 8 hours of work, and 8 hours of entertainment. There’s a certain magic to the number 8, the number of infinity. That’s why we named this watch series after that concept—because these are carefully designed watches with special materials and different time-reading methods that reflect your uniqueness and constant pursuit for happiness and success while making the most of time.

    We’ve been working at OLTO-8 for years on developing a unique watch concept. Inspired by the racing dashboard, INFINITY watches are true industrial artworks that immediately catch the attention of any watch lover or any tasteful person, with its 120-degree time-reading display. The big numbers from the top to the bottom are the minute and hour numbers, with a consecutive number arranged every 10° in order. In short, this is a watch design you wouldn’t find anywhere else.

    The shape of INFINITY's case is inspired by the letter "O", removing all the extra elements in the pursuit of a three-dimensional outlook. In other words, every angle is round and smooth, and each line is in line with a standard arc.

    The dial uses OLTO-8’s own, exclusive and copyrighted font design (which is available for download, by the way). Each line is composed of standard arcs and straight lines, and the font is composed of a round and direct meticulous connection—just like the movement parts, precise and beautiful, keeping up with the organic flow of round numbers and figures.

    Your INFINITY Watch comes with dial numbers and scales that are Super-LumiNova—you can easily see and read them at night or in the dark. The modern luminous products used to make the watch are composed of a non-radioactive and non-toxic strontium aluminate material. Getting more into technical details, light supplements its own light source and charge for the object. This means that when light energy irradiates the material, the electron particles are excited and begin to provide energy quickly, producing phosphorescence. 

    You get to choose the material of your INFINITY Watch case. The 316L stainless steel will give it an extremely robust appearance whereas the CuSn8 tin bronze case will make your watch look more classical, being characterized by looking bronzed after prolonged wear. Whichever you choose, you’ll like to know that both models are built to last.

    The INFINITY Watch applied sapphire crystal, with Mohs hardness of H9—precisely so that any possible scratch is effectively prevented.

    Being a watch lover and fashion enthusiast, you want a watch that keeps your choices open. That’s why we designed the INFINITY Watch with a detachable structure that can be placed in a box divided in various loose parts. It also allows you to change straps, which is why each watch comes with another different-coloured strap—which allows you to frequently replace the strap you’re using.

    If you decide to have an INFINITY Watch, that’s because you appreciate the best things in life. That’s why we have carefully designed a book-like delicate package that allows you to store your watch inside and put the package on the shelf. It will look just like any other book, and it will be safely and discreetly keeping your watch untouched.

    Our brand’s name, OLTO-8, is intimately related to the number “8”—which is how the number is pronounced in Italian and which is a symbol that also means infinity. We’re passionate about creating infinite products that last forever and that forever keep their users happy with the charisma and convenience that they embody. That’s our approach to creating a mechanical watch that makes a strong fashion statement.

    OLTO-8 is a watch company that engages in research and development of watch movements, design, development, production and sales of watch accessories and finished products. We creates watches mostly for young and fashion-oriented consumers who are offering a strong and encouraging feedback to the OLTO-8 brand and the INFINITY series. Matching innovation with a fresh design approach to watches, and underlining "My Time is Unique" as the key idea behind the new watch series, OLTO-8 aims to offer watches that celebrate and the sense of people’s individuality.


    1. “高級腕時計”の原点!無数の歯車や極小の部品がいくつも組み合わされる機械式自動巻きムーブメント
    2. ラグジュアリーウォッチながら、格式や形式にとらわれない自由な発想を形にした高級時計の先駆的存在
    3. 気品に満ちた複雑な構造!安価な大量生産品やファストファッションとは一線を画している!かっこいい


    理想を極めたクールで とにかくメチャメチャ格好いい!!!














    本体がスチールとブロンズの2種ありそれぞれ316L ステンレスとCuSn8 ブロンズを使用。 ケースの形は、文字「O」からインスピレーションを得て、立体的を追求するために余分な要素をすべて削除!すべての角度が丸く滑らかになるよう設計。










    OLTO-8は、時計のムーブメントの研究開発、時計の付属品および完成品の設計、開発、製造、販売を行う時計会社です。私たちは主に、OLTO-8ブランドシリーズに強力で心強いフィードバックを提供している若くてファッション志向の消費者のために時計を作成しています。OLTO-8は、革新と斬新なデザインの時計を融合させ、新しい時計シリーズの重要なアイデアとして「My Time is Unique」を強調し、人々の個性を称える時計を提供することを目指しているメーカーです。